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Higher Education Consulting


Higher Education ERP/SIS

Welcome to Ceresco Consulting, our Higher Education Enterprise Software Consulting Division, where we understand that higher education ERP and SIS applications form the backbone of any institution. These systems play a pivotal role in the daily interactions of students, faculty, staff, and administrators, providing reliable access to crucial information and services. Recognizing their dual nature as both a utilityand an amenity delivering value through enhanced efficiency and enriched user experiences, we are committed to optimizing these systems for maximum impact.


Colleges and universities invest significant time, energy, and resources into their ERP and SIS infrastructure.


At Ceresco Consulting, our mission is to ensure that these investments yield a substantial return. Our team of ERP consultants and implementation project management professionals brings unparalleled technical and functional expertise to the table. We focus on improving operations and business processes, reducing costs, and ensuring user satisfaction across the entire campus.

Our Consulting Services?

Specializing in platforms such as Jenzabar One®, Anthology, and various associated third-party systems,  we go beyond conventional consulting services.


Ceresco Consulting is dedicated to elevating the performance of higher education institutions by harnessing the full potential of their ERP and SIS investments. 


Let us guide you towards operational excellence, cost-effectiveness, and a superior user experience throughout your campus community.



Technology Consortium Approach

In 2008 we were involved with the creation of a higher education technology consortium for the join purchase, implemenation, and mainteance of a common enterprise software system.


We pride ourselves on offering a consortium best practice that encompasses a holistic approach to educational excellence. Our methodology integrates cutting-edge strategies tailored to the unique needs of each institution within the consortium.


Through meticulous analysis, collaborative workshops, and innovative solutions, we empower educational leaders to optimize resources, foster collaboration, and drive positive outcomes. With a focus on continuous improvement and industry expertise, we ensure that every member of the consortium achieves their highest potential and advances their mission of providing quality education.

Request More Information!

Ceresco’s higher education consulting company has successfully assisted numerous institutions in maximizing the potential of their ERP and SIS investments. By leveraging our expertise, we have facilitated the transformation of these systems into powerful tools that drive efficiency, integration, modernization, and an enhanced student experience. Recognizing the significance of this endeavor, we are dedicated to supporting our clients throughout the entire process, ensuring success at every stage of implementation.



Contact us to start getting more out of your ERP and SIS investment today.